EU – A Bureaucratic Dictatorship? Islam a problem for European relationships?   Leave a comment

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“Europe Needs a Revolution”   Leave a comment

In his video, Pat Condell provides sharp criticism towards European Union. Pat Condell explains why, according to him, EU is taking away the power from our European states, giving EU so much supranational power that we are slowly loosing control over our countries. Is it possible that the power is “removed from the ballot box”, and from the European peoples, and instead given to bureaucrats?

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Iran is funding the building of mosque in Denmark, while a “Islamic Center” is being planned   Leave a comment

Since about 20 years back, there has been a law against building mosques in Copenhagen, Denmark. In Denmark, there are instead so called “prayer rooms”, which serve the purpose as mosques for the countrys muslims. However, now this has changed; The building of a large mosque in Copenhagen has now officially been given green light. The Imam Ali-mosque in Copenhagens area Vibevej, is going to be made into a full-scale and well-designed mosque. Meanwhile, there are plans for the building of a Islamic center in Denmark.

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Swedish politicians want to make Eid Al-Fitr into national holiday   Leave a comment

Sweden has a constant growing population of currently around 300 000 Muslims. Several politicians from the Social Democratic Party in Sweden, are now presenting a motion to the government.The purpose is to make Eid Al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan, into a Swedish national holiday. Peter Weiderud argues that this motion was made for two reasons: (1) Human rights and (2) increased cultural understanding.

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